The FREE Reatogo-X-PE Boot CD

Multi-Shell  -  Custom Boot Profiles  -  Password Protection  -  Fully Localized Pre-processing  -  Post-processing  -  200+ AutoHelp Plugins

Reatogo´s fully configured BartPE +XPE Recovery CD download bundle


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 Create your own custom Reatogo Recovery CD

(example of a CD lable)

... run your Windows XP from CD


 Burn your first CD within a few minutes

and enjoy the comfort of a full XP environment for your recovery needs.


Just download the free bundle

and follow the prompts.


NOTE:  "Windows" is a trademark of Microsoft.

The Reatogo project is in no way affiliated to or endorsed by Microsoft.

You need to legally own a Windows setup CD to compile this recovery CD.


More than 200 AutoHelp BartPE Plugins

available for popular freeware and shareware programs.


The AutoHelp plugins copy or download the needed files for you.

Some plugins require the program to be installed on your host system. They all set up with a click and guide you through the configuration.

Regular BartPE plugins can also be integrated.

After the automatic firstrun configuration of the main setup, you are ready to burn your first CD.


The screenshots below show the Reatogo Main Configuration GUI and the desktop of your Reatogo CD after boot.

("out-of-the-box" plus some Reatogo autoHelp plugins)



Screenshot of the recovery environment: